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Mother to Marls | Certified Hatha Yogini | Published Writer

About Maureen "Karama" Forbes


I'm Maureen "Karama" Forbes. I am a single mom to the world's best daughter and I also have a full-time job.

I am a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor with close to 20 years of practice and yoga teaching experience. Each yoga session varies. Trust me, you won't be bored! 

My love for health and fitness began at a young age. Then in 2001, I fell down a steep flight of stairs and landed in a split. Guys, it was the first split I had ever done in my life! 

It was one of life's sudden, painful lessons that would impact me forever. In that fall, I injured my back, right hip, and tore the meniscus in my right knee. With a talented doctor's help and therapy, I was able to avoid surgery. I became strong again and was able to walk without limping or using a cane. 

While I was recovering a dear cousin suggested that I try to improve my mobility through yoga. I was eager to try anything. In my first class, I was embarrassed that I could only do three poses but didn't give up. And 20 years later I am an instructor, head over heels in love with yoga, and eager to help others become more empowered, able-bodied, and confident.


Today, I am fortunate enough to be able to turn my passion into a thriving profession. I’ve been working as a certified Hatha Yoga Instruction leading students from all fitness levels. Many of my classes at reputable Miami/Fort Lauderdale area gyms have had 50+ students.

All Bodies Are Different

I've worked with a diverse group of clients, and experience has taught me that every person is unique, every human body has its own strengths and challenges, and we each have our own goals and lifestyles.

I'm always excited to help my clients work within their own constraints to maximize their results. Clients who are:

  • Seeking increased strength and flexibility

  • Pregnant

  • Post-operative

  • Require chair yoga

  • In recovery from injuries


When I'm not leading yoga sessions, I spend time teaching at a local university. I also spend much of my free time writing articles, working on my book, creating art, and loving on my dear friends, family, and my awesome daughter! 

*Always check with your medical provider before starting a workout regimen.


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"Letting go is the hardest asana."