5 Yoga Moves for Morning Energy

Too often, we are startled awake by our alarm clocks and we're off to the races. At other times we roll over and wonder how the morning arrived so quickly. Where did the night go?

Well, there are a number things to do to make the morning run more smoothly. It all starts with planning for a morning full of vitality the night before. Take a few moments to write down in your mindfulness or yoga practice journal how much time you will pray or meditate and the exercises you will do to start your morning the right way. Mindset is everything! Willingness and desire to practice and gain energy will help your morning routine. Do the following when you step on to your mat.

  • Breathe: You always want to fully infuse the body with energizing breath. With breathwork, always fill the nostrils, lungs and abdomen. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the nose 10 times. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth 10 times.

  • Shoulder Rolls: You may stand or sit in easy pose. Be sure to roll the shoulders forward and backward. Complete 10 - 15 in each direction.

  • Cat and Cow from table pose: Position yourself in table pose (on your hands and knees). Inhale lift your hips as head to a comfortable position that still allows a good stretch. Then exhale as you tuck your chin to your chest, tuck the buttocks and round the back up to the ceiling. Pause at the top of the breath a few seconds after you inhale and after you exhale. Do 10 -15 of these.

  • Walking the Dog: Hold downward facing dog for 30 seconds while breathing deeply. Then begin to pedal the feet, lifting one heel away from the mat at a time. Do 20 - 25 of these.

  • High Lunge Twist: Start from a standing forward bend. Exhale as you step the right foot back. Inhale as you lift the left arm and turn the head to the left. Exhale as your torso follows by twisting left. Hold the pose for 30 seconds of deep breathing. Exhale as you lower the left arm to the floor and turn your head to look down. Press the palms securely to your mat. Exhale, slide the left foot back. Then press the hips up to downward dog. Walk or hop to the top of your mat. Repeat the process by stepping the left foot back with an exhale.

Sit on your mat in easy pose. Continue to breathe deeply, giving thanks for each breath for a minute before starting your day's routine. Night has turned to morning. It's time to get a move on, but now you are energized!

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