A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a simple step. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Updated: Feb 1

A New Year, an Interesting Life Challenge

Whoever coined that simple step, often-used adage was right.

January, a fitting name for the first month of the year. The month was named after the Roman god, Janus who had two faces; one looked back at the past, the other looked ahead to the awaiting future. As the myth goes, he was the gate and doorway protector, symbolizing starting finishing.

Today, we think about January and the New Year in much the same way. We look back at past accomplishments and failures, chart them; and set plans for improvements for the coming year. Many people try new health routines (typically diet, exercise and mindset changes), some start businesses or new financial strategies, others change residences. There are all sorts of moves to make when one year ends and another beckons.

Challenges & Growth

Generally, I review my spiritual, health, and financial wellness or not, in late December; and I revise and or renew for the coming year. I want to grow as I live. I want to experience my full potential. That’s not always easy, and I constantly have to remind and even push myself out of my comfort zones. Yes. I do have a few comfort zones. In being honest with myself, I’ve discovered that I tend to stick with things that work even when they don’t work well. They are just familiar, and there might be better, unfamiliar options; but I fear change.

I’ve been working on fear release and acting from a different space – one of let’s try it and see what happens! It’s scary, fun and interesting all at once. Sometimes it’s even tiring. But I am working on my growth in this one life that I have.

But What Else Goes on in January?

But what else goes on in January? For kicks and giggles, I checked the National Day Calendar. In addition to being New Year’s Day, January first is also National Hangover Day and National Bloody Mary Day. January 2, is National Buffet Day, and National Personal Trainer Awareness Day. There’s even a National Thank God It’s Monday Day on the 4th! Whoever thanks God that it’s Monday?!? But if you have a deep desire to, you can do that on January 4th. 😊

Further down the calendar, on the 16th is National Nothing Day – doesn’t sound very productive. Most people will recognize January 18th as Martin Luther King, Jr., Day. Something we should do regularly – hug one another- that’s on January 21st, National Hugging Day. I’ll tell ya’ when this corona virus pandemic is over, I’m hugging everybody!

A Spirit of Gratitude

In the spirit of gratitude and love, we can say nice, meaningful things to each other on Jan, 24th, National compliment day, and those of us in Florida get to celebrate National Florida day on the 25th. On a more serious note, National Data Privacy Day on January 28th reminds us to review how our personal data is used by the companies that collect them.

Think about simple game sites or research sites. Every site we visit these days uses cookies to harness information about us and our computer usage habits. Visit this site for steps you can take to better protect your privacy.

Awareness & Commitment

Listen, no matter what you do this year, commit to your personal growth early on. Now is the time. Earlier in the blog, I mentioned "hugging everybody." Why not start by hugging you? Write it down. Make it plain. Create steps and follow through.

And just as with yoga, be flexible enough to veer off the path you’ve written and step into something new when what you’ve planned isn’t working. Just as in yoga, be aware. Breathe. Commit. Act. Take that simple step.

Happy New Year! Here's to meeting the challenges that will surely come in this awesome year! Happy 2021!