Why You Need Yoga During the Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

You've experienced this extra bit of anxiety around the holiday season year-after-year. You know it's time to stop and change gears, or at least slow down - considerably. The fact that the world is in the grip of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic does not help. But how do you slow down? How do you take a breath? How do you find inner-peace among the storms of life?

There are many answers to those questions. Yoga and meditation are just two of the answers to help you slow down and relax through this and every season. And for those who pray, add prayer to your mix to increase your sanity.


1. Yoga Focuses the Mind

Practiced with intent, yoga focuses the mind and prevents it from wandering. As you breathe deeply you oxygenate the body and mind. With practice, yoga focuses the multiple minds and bring them into harmony. Yoga eases tensions in the mind and body.

2. Yoga Provides More Energy

All movements are much more beneficial when you have a tank full of oxygen. Oxygen is like a vehicle full of gas (without all the toxins, of course). You'll go farther.

3. Yoga Strengthens and Tones the Body

Like everything else in life, you have to practice yoga. With regular, committed practice, you will notice a new strength, longer muscles, and a much more toned body.

4. Yoga Makes A More Flexible You

It's a fabulous thing to have a flexible body, but it's even more wonderful to have a mind that goes with the flow also. This doesn't mean that you go along with anything. Rather, it means that you make sensible, critical decisions based on careful consideration of given situations; and are willing to change to bring about success. Flexibility means you are strong in body and mind.

5. Yoga Improves Breathing

Breath is life! One key thing yoga practitioners are taught is to focus on and use the breath. During each session, instructors consistently remind practitioners to breathe. There are a variety of dynamic breath exercises that help with full breathing. Don't discount the breathing portion of your yoga session. Learn the different breath exercises and use them.

6. Yoga Shuts Out Negativity

You can practice yoga anywhere. Yoga is as much a way of thinking, and breathing, as it is a way of being. Similar to prayer and meditation, yoga can help you shut out the world's chaos. Think positively. Repeat a word or phrase that has deep powerful meaning, and find your Zen space, whether mentally or physically and get moving.


Keep in mind, yoga makes a positive difference in overall health. It's not "just another form of exercise." In addition to the physical movement, there is focus on breath and even a spiritual aspect for those who wish to embrace it. Practiced regularly and with intent, yoga and meditation can help to quiet the storms of our lives. Add yoga to all the other sensible things you should do to make the holiday season work to your advantage.


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