A Year Ago

Last year around this time there were rumblings and murmurs about a mysterious, deadly disease with flu-like symptoms that was killing people. It’s a safe bet that initially, most people ignored the cries. They did not believe COVID-19 was a real thing. They thought or hoped that whatever it was -- it would stay overseas. Soon unbelievers began throwing COVID parties, unwittingly spreading the disease.

However, those who realized COVID-19 was real, and understood the necessity of social distancing and keeping loved ones and the planet safe, used technology to connect with friends and family within their cities and around the globe. They began filming COVIDeos, and posting them online. Admittedly, some co-videos were more successful than others, but they helped with the human connection that a social race of people needs.

While most “non-essential” workers were ordered to stay home for a set period of time, others lost their jobs because the businesses they worked for could not sustain the financial losses. Not only were people who had the coronavirus quarantined, but people who now had nothing to do were curfewed and quarantined as well. Loss, confusion, and in some places even defiance were happening worldwide. In many respects the world had almost shut down.

Governments Cooperate

However, COVID is not a respecter of persons – thousands and hundreds of thousands were dying; not just in China, and in other Asian countries, but across Africa, throughout the West Indies, Canada, Europe, South America, and the in United States. Fear and death were everywhere as millions got sick and died. Too many are still dying. The quick work and cooperation of scientists and governments around the world have given hope to many.

But, as sure as there are many who died, there are also survivors. Whether the coronavirus has directly affected you or your family, we all know someone who has been affected and has gotten better, or who sadly, has died. Today, you are here to tell the story. I have been left to tell the story.

Who Would Have Guessed?

Who knew there would be a shortage of toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectants and food? Who guessed millions would lose jobs, economies would dry up, or that the world would nearly grind to a halt? Who knew so many Americans would be sent home to wait? Who knew so many scientific and logistical brains around the world would work together to formulate a vaccine in record time? That is a world history first!

The DYJYogaTribe is Born

And who knew that same deadly disease would prompt me to begin teaching yoga online and give me the courage to start my own business? Who knew? I did not do this alone though. There were and are friends and family in my corner - my supporters. Everybody needs them! Then there are the participants --the DYJYogaTribe-- a group of women who consistently take my hatha yoga classes. They are wonderful and supportive women aiming for better health and relaxation through the practice of yoga. We all benefit from teaching and practicing together. Thank you, Dynamic Yoga Journey Tribe!

Things do not always go perfectly and there is a lot of work, but it’s my investment. DYJ is something I believe in. It must thrive. Starting something new in the face of the scary and unknown takes courage. I am following through.